Nutty Bites


Our Story

Ten years ago, our family began a small boutique operation that sought to combine two of our loves: cooking and community.  Starting with one product and one stand at Union Station, a historical landmark in St. Louis, we offered our customers a nut product to satisfy the sweet tooth.  As the lines grew longer at our stand, we expanded our presence to multiple venues in the St. Louis area, while also beginning to experiment with our homemade cinnamon glaze until we perfected our recipe. Today we bring you three of our beloved staple products, coated to perfection with our original cinnamon glaze: almonds, pecans and cashews. 

After several requests from our customers, we are finally growing our business and web presence to make our products more accessible, but we are staying true to what we know: nuts!

We hope you come by our stand or contact us for a custom order.  We are currently serving individual or corporate events, and provide a variety of gift options.